We might call it the B-Team but it’s really your A-Team

Proven Success

Empower Your MSP Business with Software Development

MSP and IT companies, here’s an exciting opportunity to partner with Letter B through our B-Team Solutions program. As trusted advisors to many businesses, you can now extend your services and earn commissions by connecting us with potential clients in need of custom software solutions.

How It Works

Your Clients: We don’t see ourselves as competitors. You excel at managing client relationships because of the trust they have in you. Let us handle the software side of things for you.

Expand Your Earnings: By collaborating with us, you can boost your revenue streams. If you come across a business or individual seeking custom software development, simply refer them to us.

Client Benefits: Your clients will benefit from our tailored software solutions that address their unique needs and challenges. You become the bridge to improved efficiency and productivity for their businesses.

Commission Rewards: When your referral turns into a project, we reward you with a generous commission. It’s a win-win – you help your clients, and you earn extra income.

Trusted Partnership: Partnering with Letter B means joining forces with a team of experts in custom software development and integration. We ensure that your referrals receive top-notch service.

Simplified Process: You don’t need to handle the technical details. Just connect us with potential clients, and we’ll take it from there.

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