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Case Study

Custom Cloud Application

The existing process lacked standardization and required extensive time and effort for approvals and reviews due to the high level of customization involved. With over 100 different options for a single container, managing the process using 15 spreadsheets became impractical. The customer sought a solution that would enable their sales team to provide accurate and fast quotes, track each quote through the sales lifecycle, and streamline the approval process.

Cloud Computing
Web Application


Enterprise Scaling and Cloud Migration

A food distribution system that faced significant challenges due to outdated software within the customers’ on-premise data center. The company recognized the need to scale the system to accommodate an additional 50 thousand users, leading to an exciting opportunity for transformation and growth.


Modernizing Service Tracking Application

A global manufacturer of press brakes, faced challenges with their outdated Windows-based tracking application. As their business grew, they needed the ability to share data contained in the software, but the old system was difficult to upgrade and lacked support. To adapt to their expanding needs, the customer resorted to tracking processes and products in Excel spreadsheets. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they approached Letter B with a list of upgrades required to improve their tracking capabilities.

Warehouse Tracking