With our extensive experience in providing industry solutions, Letter B offers a wide range of expertise across various business sectors. Explore below to discover how our customized software development can help your company thrive.​

Manufacturing & Retail

Custom automation solutions are more affordable than ever. Letter B can help manage the many systems that oversee your products and services. Increase your productivity and provide better quality assurance with our personalized software tools. We can even bring your old software into the 21st century with in-place upgrades that won’t disrupt your business.

Transportation & Logistics

Keeping track of inventory, employees, schedules, and shipments can be time consuming. A networked solution keeps everything running smoothly. Letter B has experience creating warehouse management software that is intuitive and simple. No more lost parts or mistakes in paperwork filings. 

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Education & Nonprofit Orgs

We have a long history of working with educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. We work hard to remove the barriers that stand between you and your students or members. Register users with simple web interfaces. Run reports based on data gathered from forms and emails. Automate important tasks with a calendar you control. All possible with Letter B.

Finance & Banking

Security and accuracy are of prime importance when your business deals heavily with the exchanging of funds. Letter B has worked with institutions both regional and national to manage important financial tasks like importing data and formatting. We can manage your important information while keeping it safe with modern security standards.


Solutions for the Automotive Industry

OnPart is a sales tracking, web-based software that specifically targets those in the automotive industry. A simple user interface enables a more efficient workflow for our clients and helps them keep an eye on their orders from start to finish. Explore some screenshots and key features of the app below.

OnPart API is integrated with the top collision quote providers in the US: CCC, Parts Trader, and APU. We process about 450,000 quotes on average which translates to about 20-30 million part look ups each day.

We have tools in place that monitor the speed and quantity of requests to compare to specific timing thresholds and ensure that the speed of the web service is maintained.

Customers can submit their inventory into our FTP folder and our collector will import automatically at scheduled daily intervals.

Our custom scripts read all your sales and inventory data and compile it into useful reports.

We validate quantities in stock and accept the orders automatically without user input.

We convert Hollander and PartsLink inventory systems back into OEM.

Using the Serenity framework, we provide an inventory management system for users to keep track of and edit their existing inventory.


Our attention to detail and ability to work within strict guidelines has made Letter B a trusted partner in the public sector. No matter what agency or department, we have solutions that will help you cut through the red tape and free up valuable time and resources. We can help you navigate all the state and federal regulations that might apply to your software requirements.


Whether you own a small greenhouse or a large farm, Letter B can help you manage the unique challenges of the agricultural industry. Every farm has their own problems and sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just isn’t enough. We can provide a custom software solution to meet your individual needs, and since we are local to Eastern Iowa, that means we are here when you need us.