Our experienced team of developers specializes in delivering the perfect technology and ERP solutions to suit your needs. Whether you have large-scale or small-scale projects, Letter B can provide comprehensive solutions to address all your requirements.

Custom Software Development

We are experts in creating maintainable, secure, flexible, and modern applications. Sometimes off-the-shelf programs just don’t cut it. Let us build the custom solution your business needs.

Legacy Application Modernization

Does your business depend on software or technology that is starting to show its age? Don’t wait until a catastrophic failure happens. We can transition you smoothly to an updated solution.

Database Management & Migration

Modern businesses are built around data. Keeping your data secure and organized is crucial. Whether you need a brand new database or you need to migrate an existing one, we can help.

Mobile App & Web Development

Web and mobile apps have the potential to revolutionize your workflow. No need to manage application installs or updates anymore. Take control of your business with the connectivity of the cloud.

Design & Marketing

Finding customers and clients starts with your public presence. We are a full-service development company with designers on staff to help create logos, marketing materials, and public-facing websites.

Next Generation Technologies

Make your business stand out by utilizing technology of the future. Blockchain, 3D visualization, Computer automation, and more. If you can envision it, we can help you build it.

Where our solutions make the difference


Let us host your web service or application for you and you can avoid the hassle of technical issues that can slow down your workflow.


The best way to understand your business is to compile detailed reports. Our reporting tools will give you new insights without changing how you operate.

User Management

As your business grows you may need to think about tools to manage employee access. We make it easy to link your company structure to your data permissions.

System Updates

Maintaining business relevance means keeping up to date on the latest technology changes. Letter B stays with our customers to keep them updated.

Data Protection

Keeping client and customer data safe is more important than ever. Sleep soundly knowing that Letter B has your data protected.


When your users need to access your tech platform or service, they need someone who considered their individual accessibility requirements. Letter B can help.

Speed Optimization

Lost time means lost opportunities and lost profits. Don't settle for slow software. We design for optimal efficiency and usability. Work faster with Letter B.

Compatibility Testing

If you use lots of different systems and devices in your workplace you need a solution that just works, no matter how you access it. We make sure of it.

Market Research

Our experienced developers are always mindful to keep your software targeting the current market trends. We work hard to understand your business.

Technical Support

When something goes wrong we are there to fix it. With both on-site and remote assistance, Letter B will keep your business running smoothly.