Case Study

Custom Cloud Application

A national manufacturer of garbage containers approached Letter B with the challenge of improving
their quoting process. 


How We Increased Productivity and Streamlined Approval Process

The existing process lacked standardization and required extensive time and effort for approvals and reviews due to the high level of customization involved. With over 100 different options for a single container, managing the process using 15 spreadsheets became impractical. The customer sought a solution that would enable their sales team to provide accurate and fast quotes, track each quote through the sales lifecycle, and streamline the approval process.


We embarked on designing and implementing a configurable quoting management system to address the customer’s challenges. The key objectives were to create a standardized quoting process, enable accurate and fast quotes, streamline approval and review processes, facilitate collaboration within the distributed sales team, and ensure data security and access control.


Lack of standardization

The quoting process lacked consistency, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

Manual approval and review process

The extensive customization required manual reviews and multiple email exchanges, resulting in delays and potential miscommunication.

Inability to provide fast and accurate quotes

Sales team members struggled to confidently provide pricing and discounts without a comprehensive quoting system.

Distributed sales team

The sales team operated across the country, necessitating a solution that allowed for remote collaboration and sharing of quotes and prospects.

Data Security and Access Manegement

Data security and access management: The customer required roles and permissions to control data access within the quoting system.


Configurable quoting module

We developed a custom web application deployed on the cloud, allowing for flexibility and scalability. The module captured all existing products while accommodating future product designs and quoting requirements.

Bill of materials generation

The system produced a comprehensive bill of materials based on the quoted specifications, facilitating streamlined production.

Better quoting

The quoting module empowered the sales team to confidently provide pricing and discounts within predefined limits, ensuring accurate and timely quotes for customer inquiries.

Sales lifecycle tracking

Each quote was tracked throughout the sales process, providing visibility and facilitating effective management of prospects and customer interactions.

Streamlined approval process

The online system eliminated the need for numerous email exchanges by enabling quote review and approval with a single click, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency.

Distributed Collaboration

The web application allowed the sales team to share quotes and prospects with sales management, regardless of their physical location.

Role-based access control

The system provided roles and permissions to manage data access, ensuring appropriate data visibility and control.


Standardized Quoting Process

The quoting module brought consistency and standardization to the previously inconsistent process, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Streamlined approval and review

The online approval process replaced cumbersome email exchanges, saving time and enabling faster decision-making.

Enhanced data security and access management

The role-based access control ensured that data was accessible only to authorized individuals, protecting sensitive information.

Faster and more accurate quotes

Sales team members gained the ability to provide fast and accurate quotes to customers, enhancing their confidence and responsiveness.

Improved collaboration

The distributed sales team could easily share quotes and prospects with sales management, enhancing teamwork and communication.


“We are thrilled with the outcome! This success empowers our employees to take charge and make decisions without the constant need to seek permission. It’s a game-changer, making the process faster, more efficient – just what our team needed!”

Gregory Container Inc.

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