Case Study

Enterprise Scaling and Cloud Migration

A food distribution system that faced significant challenges due to outdated software within the customers’ on-premise data center. 


Exciting Opportunities

The company recognized the need to scale the system to accommodate an additional 50 thousand users, leading to an exciting opportunity for transformation and growth.

Cloud Computing


Outdated Software

The existing on-premise data center software was unable to handle the increased demand, posing limitations on scalability and performance.

Data Migration without Disruption

Moving historical data to a new system without interrupting current production was a critical consideration.

Future Scalability

It was crucial to ensure that the system could support incremental growth and expansion in the long run.


Successful Cloud Integration

The Azure-based infrastructure was seamlessly integrated into the existing ecosystem, providing a scalable and efficient platform for the food distribution system.

Staged Data Migration

Historical data was moved in stages, ensuring continuity of production while minimizing the risk of data loss or downtime.

Load Balancing Implementation

The final step involved flipping over the mapping from the single on-premise application to the load-balanced Azure system. This transition occurred during a historically slow usage time to minimize disruption.


Enhanced System Scalability

The new Azure-based infrastructure allowed the food distribution system to accommodate 50 thousand additional users seamlessly.

Timely Food Distribution

The customer’s food service clients were able to ensure timely distribution of food to those in need, positively impacting their communities.

Improved Operational Effciency

The modernized infrastructure and cloud-based environment contributed to improved system performance, reliability, and responsiveness.

Customer Satisfaction

The primary customer, who white-labeled the development and support services, expressed great satisfaction as the system’s scalability aligned with their growth plans.

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