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RFID Solutions - Walmart Compliance

We specialize in helping businesses meet Walmart’s RFID requirements.


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Our expertise and comprehensive support ensure a smooth transition to RFID technology, enabling you to enhance your supply chain management capabilities. By collaborating with the Auburn RFID Lab, we ensure that your RFID system meets industry standards and receives the necessary certifications.

Walmart RFID Mandate


Tagging Process Adjustment

Transitioning from regular tags to RFID tags requires careful adjustment of your tagging processes. Our experts will guide you through this adjustment phase to ensure a seamless transition.

RFID Tag Design and Certification

Designing RFID tags that meet Walmart’s specifications and obtaining certification from the Auburn RFID Lab can be complex. We have the knowledge and experience to navigate this process efficiently.


RFID Implementation Planning

We understand the challenges of adopting RFID technology. Our experienced tea will guide you through the process, assisting with tagging process adjustments and designing RFID tags based on Walmart’s specifications.

Custom Software Development

Our team of skilled developers will create tailored software solutions to integrate RFID technology into your existing systems. We specialize in C#, .net, API, and web services to seamlessly integrate RFID encoding, reading, and printing capabilities.

RFID System Integration

We provide expertise in integrating RFID technology into your supply chain management systems. Our API-based applications enable real-time data exchange between your current systems and the RFID tracking Solution.

Auburn RFID Lab Approval

We have a successful track record of obtaining approvals from the Auburn RFID lab. We work closely with their experts to ensure your RFID system meets their rigorous testing and certification.


Walmart Compliance

Our solutions guarantee compliance with Walmart’s RFID requirements, allowing you to strengthen your relationship with the retail giant and avoid any penalties or supply chain disruptions.

Operational Efficiency

Automating the tracking and monitoring of garments using RFID technology reduces manual labor, eliminates errors, and accelerates processes, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

By implementing RFID technology, you gain real-time visibility into your inventory, improving accuracy and efficiency in stock management, order fulfillment, and replenishment processes.

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