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5 reasons custom software should be an option

For your next ERP, Supply Chain, or management system search.

Don’t Settle For Less

A company looks to start tracking their processes it’s because of growth

They need to expand the operations past the few individuals that helped build the company.  At these times the discussion of software is one of the first things that come up.  Then the hard part of finding the RIGHT software can become a scary monster.  One thing for certain if the question of custom software is brought up someone will try to share a horror story they heard from someone else about vaporware, or never-ending projects.  What is not shared for some reason is the same stories about all of the SAAS or off-the-shelf products that exist out there.  


Standards-based but not standardized.

Many industries face industry mandates or standards.  Some companies face customer-driven standards like printing RFID tags to an EPC standard set by Walmart or Target.  These standards don’t have to be added to your already-built software.  In the process of building your software, the standards are built in.  Companies don’t have to give up on how they manage the standards set by their industry to implement software.  They don’t have to spend years or months mangling their software to meet the needs of the standards.  As the industry and its standards change so will your custom software solution.


The data is yours and you have the power.

Knowledge is power and having another company in control of your access to the database is never fun.  With custom software, the data does not have to worry about impacts on whatever number of other customers.  It is custom to you and your needs so the data can be adjusted as you see fit.  Many SaaS ERP systems will limit your data usage or charge extra amounts for additional storage.  Hosting fees for data are not part of the development model.  Therefore, the goal is to help manage the data as efficiently as possible.


Custom software speaks your language.

There is no language translation needed to implement the new system.  All of the language on the screens comes from the internal language that you and your team have developed over time. The statuses are your statuses and can be added to or managed through the configuration settings of the system.  All lists are editable and


Development time is implementation time.

It takes 6 – 8 Months to develop and implement most custom software ERP systems.  Even less for smaller supply chain systems.  Spreadsheet conversions to tracking systems average 3 months.  With off the shelf, or SaaS systems it would take the same amount of time to transfer and convert data from what you have to the new system format.


It’s all about you and your business.

There are a multitude of ERP solutions that promise to be everything you need and more. They promise 100 reports with all the information you could need and in the end only 3 are even relevant to your business. Effective custom software doesn’t have the bloat features you’ll never use and doesn’t require a payment for features you don’t need. With us, you pay for what you use. Custom software gives you the functionality and usability you need for your business without the extra fluff and cost.


The Power of Letter B

Say goodbye to Vaperware and embrace tailor-made software solutions that perfectly fit your company’s needs. Let us help you streamline your daily tasks, unlock the true potential of your data, and propel your business to new heights. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach – choose Letter B and experience the difference.

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